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Current Scott Catalogues

 Advanced Stamp Collecting: A Serious Collector's Guide to the Collection and Study of Postage Stamps and Related Materials

Barry Krause
ISBN: 1558701591 (HARDCOVER)

 Affordable Foreign Errors : On Postage Stamps of the World

Paul S. Greenlaw, Martin Sellinger (Editor)
ISBN: 0873416147

 All About Stamps: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Philatelic Terms

Wayne L. Youngblood
ISBN: 0873419634

 American Issue : The U.S. Postage Stamp, 1842-1869

Peter T. Rohrbach, Lowell S. Newman
ISBN: 087474816X (HARDCOVER)

 An American Postal Portrait : A Photographic Legacy

US Postal Service, William J. Henderson, James Bruns, Carl Burcham
ISBN: 0060199008 (HARDCOVER)

 Angels to Zeppelins : A Guide to the Persons, Objects, Topics,
and Themes on United States Postage Stamps, 1847-1980

Donald J. Lehnus
ISBN: 0313234752 (HARDCOVER)

 Classic U.S. Imperforate Stamps

Jon Rose
ISBN: 0940403293

 Coin and Stamp Collectors' Electronic Album : Computerize Your Collections With This Introduction to Using Your PC for Your Hobbies (comes with CD)

Mark Rose, Gordon White
ISBN: 1887132007

 Dead Countries of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries : Aden to Zululand

Les Harding
ISBN: 0810834456S (HARDCOVER)

 Duck Stamps: Identification & Value Guide

L.A. Chappell
ISBN: 1574322656

 Every Stamp Tells a Story: The National Philatelic Collection

Cheryl Ganz
ISBN: 1935623427

 Fakebusters II: Scientific Detection Of Fakery In Art And Philately

Richard J. Weiss (ed), Duane R. Chartier (ed)
ISBN: 9812560254

 Fundamentals of Philately

L. N. Williams (Norman Williams)
ISBN: 0933580134 (HARDCOVER)

 How to Detect Damaged, Altered and Repaired Stamps

Paul W. Schmid
ISBN: 0873414543

 The International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Philatelics

R. Scott Carlton
ISBN: 0873414489 (HARDCOVER)

 Is Stamp Collecting the Hobby for You?

David O. Dyer, Sr.
ISBN: 0966339312

 Linn's Complete Stamp Collecting Basics

Michael Baadke
ISBN: 1932180052

 Nassau Street
(stories/memories about author's days as stamp dealer in NYC in 50s & 60s)
Herman (Pat) Herst Jr.
ISBN: 0940403064
   On the Road: The Quest for Stamps

Stephen R. Datz
ISBN: 0882190253

 Political Campaign Stamps

Mark Warda
ISBN: 0873416163

 Post Dates : A Chronology of the Intriguing Events in the Mails and Philately

Kenneth A. Wood
ISBN: 0934466084 (HARDCOVER)

 The Postmarks and Postal History of the Cameroons under British Administration 1916-1961

R. J. Maddocks, M. P. Bratzel, Jr.
ISBN: 0969402619

 The Queen's Stamps : The Official History of the Royal Philatelic Collection

Nicholas Courtney
ISBN: 0413772284 (HARDCOVER)

 Railroad History on American Postage Stamps

Anthony Bianculli
ISBN: 1931626200

  Scott Catalogues
  James E. Kloetzel (Editor)

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 Stamp Collecting (Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series)
current pamphlet is #33296B, revised & copyright 2000; requirements were revised 2001
Current Merit Badge Pamphlet and Requirement Revision Dates
Boy Scouts of America
ISBN: 0839532962
 Stamp Collecting : Discover the Fun of the World's Most Popular Hobby

Stephen R. Datz
ISBN: 088219030X

 Stamp Collecting for Dummies

Richard L. Sine
ISBN: 0764553798

 Stamp Investing

Stephen R. Datz
ISBN: 0882190296

 Successful Stamp Dealing : Tried & Tested Tips & Techniques

Peter Mosiondz, Jr.
ISBN: 0873414527

 Texas on Stamps

Jon L. Allen
ISBN: 087565164X

 Titanic: A Postal Collection

Philatelic Inter-Governmental, Lonnie Ostrow, Zina Saunders, Spotlight Design
ISBN: 1881400972

 Top Dollar Paid : The Complete Guide to Selling Your Stamps

Stephen R. Datz
ISBN: 0882190229

 Triangular Philatelics : A Guide for Beginning and Advanced Collectors

Chris Green
ISBN: 0873415884

 The United States 1 cent Franklin, 1861-1867: and an Introduction to the Postal History of the Period

Don L. Evans, C. W. Bert Christian
ISBN: 0940403706 // (HARDCOVER ISBN: 0940403714)

 The Wild Side : Philatelic Mischief, Murder & Intrigue

Stephen R. Datz
ISBN: 0882190245

 The World Encyclopedia of Stamps & Stamp Collecting: The ultimate illustrated reference to over 3000 of the world's best stamps, and a professional guide to starting and perfecting a spectacular collection

James MacKay
ISBN: 0754815307 (HARDCOVER)

 The World's Greatest Stamp Collectors

Stanley M. Bierman
ISBN: 081190668X


...and for the younger philatelist:

 Child's Play: Enriching Your Child's Interests, from Rocket Science to Rock Climbing, Stamp Collecting to Sculpture

Monica Cardoza
ISBN: 0806523387

 Collecting Passions
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Susan Macleod O'Reilly, Norman Eyolfson (Illustrator), Alain Masse
ISBN: 1550136763 (HARDBACK)

 Karen's Chain Letter (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #101)
Karen sends chain letter to bring her stamps from around the world.
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Ann M. Martin, Susan Tang (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0590500538
 Postcard Pest (Polk Street Special #3)
Intro to U.S. geography and Postal Service, includes map & section on collecting stamps.
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Patricia Reilly Giff, Blanche Sims (Illustrator)
ISBN: 044040973X

 Postmark Paris: A Story In Stamps
Reading level: all ages

Leslie Jonath
ISBN: 0811846423 (HARDCOVER)

 Stamp Collecting (First Guide)
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Neill Granger
ISBN: 1562947346

 Stamp Collecting for Beginners
Reading level: preschool

Burton Hobson
ISBN: 0879801484

 Stamp It!: The Ultimate Stamp Collecting Activity Book
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Leslie Jonath
ISBN: 0811833313 (SPIRAL-BOUND)

 Stamps (Cool Collections)
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Mir Tamim Ansary

 Stamps : Cool Collectibles (High Interest Books)
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Jennifer Abeyta

 U.S. Stamps : Collect All 50 States
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Raymond Miller, Dan Janikowski (Illustrator)
ISBN: 043952072X

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